Experience the Land of the Bible

Israel & Jordan Tour
with Optional Extension to Egypt

with Dr. Wayne Stiles

October 28 - November 9, 2024


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Come see the land of the Bible . . .

This unique tour has a special emphasis on connecting the Bible and its lands to life.

Just imagine walking on the stones of the Temple Mount where Jesus walked. Picture exploring the very places where our Lord lived and ministered—all with Bible in hand. 

To get a taste of what you’ll experience, glance through the itinerary below. You will never be the same! 

Perfect for someone returning to Israel—or for the first-timer who wants to experience the Holy Land in a unique and fulfilling way.  

✔ This exclusive tour promises a personal, curated experience. We’ll explore sites that larger groups just can’t see.  

✔ This journey is designed with you in mind, transforming the foreign places of the Bible into familiar friends. 

✔ You’ll discover how each site fits the biblical story every time the bus stops—all with your Bible in hand. 

I invite you to join me for this life-changing journey through the land of the Bible.

See the Land with Bible in Hand

✔ You will learn the Word of God right where it happened—with Bible in hand.

✔ I have invited our local guide to offer cultural and historical connections as he travels with us.

✔ We’ll travel the land in a climate-controlled deluxe motor coach.

✔ Our tour will go places and experience sites that larger groups never see. Just look at the itinerary below!

See the Land with Bible in Hand

On this tour, we will connect the Bible and its lands to your life every time we stop—and all along the way.

✔ You will learn the Word of God right where it happened—with Bible in hand. After seeing where Jesus ministered, you will never read your Bible the same way again!

✔ I have invited our guides to offer cultural and historical connections as they travel with us.

✔ We’ll travel the land in a climate-controlled deluxe motor coach.

“Wayne had told us: ‘After a trip to Israel, you'll never read the Bible the same again.’ That has been so true! Being able to visualize the setting now and understand the time and distance relationships as we read the Bible has really made our Bible study much richer.  Wayne’s devotions at each biblical site carried us to the heart of God and in turn, our love for God deepened enormously. Truly, this was a trip of a lifetime!”

Greg and Diane Pihl—Aubrey, Texas

Your Daily Itinerary

Glance over the itinerary and see for yourself...

After your journey to these biblical sites, you will never be the same!


Main Trip Itinerary

(October 28 - November 8, 2024)

Monday, October 28, 2024

Your Journey Begins 

Pack your bags and bring your sense of wonder. Your journey to the Holy Land begins!


Tuesday, October 29, 2024

Amman and the Dead Sea 

Savor the moment as you enjoy your first dinner in the Holy Land. We arrive in AMMAN and transfer to our hotel beside the Dead Sea. 

Wednesday, October 30, 2024

Dead Sea, Petra, and Machaerus

Start your day floating in the DEAD SEA before we journey to the top of MOUNT NEBO, the vantage point where Moses got his first and only look at the Promised Land. We’ll journey to MACHAERUS, the site where John the Baptist was imprisoned, and ultimately, beheaded. Drive to PETRA for dinner and overnight.

Thursday, October 31, 2024

The Red Sea, Petra, and Wadi Rum

You’ve never seen a place like PETRA! Located in ancient EDOM, this spectacular desert dwelling boasts rose-hewn sandstone, rugged hills, and monumental facades—all accessible through a twisting narrow gorge. We’ll even have a horse ride (included, but plan to tip the driver)! We will drive to the WADI RUM for an exciting Jeep Safari Tour in this beautiful landscape of ancient Edom. Dinner and overnight at the CAPTAIN'S CAMP, WADI RUM.

Friday, November 1, 2024

Wilderness Wanderings to Tel Aviv

Cross to Israel via Rabin Border. Then we head to TIMNA PARK and tour a full scale-replica of the tabernacle constructed during the Israelites’ wandering in the wilderness. We’ll travel through the canyons and highlands of the NEGEV—View the massive MACHTESH RAMON panorama and then onwards to BEN GURION'S GRAVE, to the overlook at EIN AVDAT,. We’ll stop in the WILDERNESS OF ZIN—the wandering place of the children of Israel after the Exodus before driving to TEL AVIV for dinner and overnight.

Saturday, November 2, 2024

Southern Galilee

This morning we begin at APHEK/ANTIPATRIS, an impressive historical site that spans both Testaments. Then we drive to NAIN, located southeast of Nazareth, and view the church commemorating a miracle Jesus performed there. We continue to EIN HAROD to view GIDEON'S SPRING and MOUNT GILBOA. We then arrive in TIBERIAS for dinner and overnight at the SOFIA HOTEL, TIBERIAS.

Sunday, November 3, 2024

Around the Sea of Galilee

We begin the day atop MOUNT ARBEL with a spectacular overlook of the SEA OF GALILEE and the ministry of Jesus. Next, we visit CHORAZIN, one of the cities that rejected Jesus' miracles. We'll visit the amazing ruins in MAGDALA, the hometown of Mary Magdalene. Next, we take a Sea of Galilee boat ride on the water where Jesus walked.  We'll visit the shore at the PRIMACY OF PETER, where the Lord restored Peter. If time allows, we'll enjoy the sunset from the SWITZERLAND FOREST, with one of the most amazing views of the Sea of Galilee. Dinner and overnight is again near the Sea of Galilee.

Monday, November 4, 2024

Through Biblical Samaria to Jerusalem

As we journey up to Jerusalem today, we'll travel through biblical Samaria to MT. GERIZIM, which overlooks the ancient site of SHECHEM where so much Old Testament history took place.  Next, we'll experience biblical SHILOH where the Tabernacle rested for three centuries when the Hebrews entered the land.  We'll see the cliffs of MICHMASH, where Jonathan and his armor-bearer routed the Philistine army.  Finally, we enter the HOLY CITY OF JERUSALEM before dinner and overnight at the beautiful Dan Panorama Hotel in Jerusalem, where we'll stay the next few nights.

Tuesday, November 5, 2024

The Old City, Israel Museum, and the Garden Tomb

Today, we'll explore Jerusalem's history at the DAVID CITADEL MUSEUM. In the Old City, we’ll visit the UPPER ROOM, where Jesus had the Last Supper with His disciples. We’ll walk to the CHURCH OF THE HOLY SEPULCHER, the probable site where Jesus died and rose again. We’ll observe archaeological wonders from the finds in the ISRAEL MUSEUM. Finally, at the GARDEN TOMB we’ll have a wonderful communion service.

Wednesday, November 6, 2024

Wilderness and Jericho

We begin the day atop the MOUNT OF OLIVES, overlooking Jerusalem's Temple Mount and history. Then, we head east into the JUDEAN WILDERNESS to the EIN PRAT NATURE RESERVE, the location where Jeremiah hid his cloth as an illustration to Judah. We'll overlook ST. GEORGE'S MONASTERY in the Wadi Qelt and see a wonderful example of the monastic life of the Judean Wilderness.  We’ll also explore Tel Jericho where the walls came tumbling down in the time of Joshua. This evening we’ll have a special dinner at a restaurant in Jerusalem.

Thursday, November 7, 2024

Jerusalem and Bethlehem

Early this morning, we’ll ascend the TEMPLE MOUNT, the site of the Jewish Temples and where Jesus taught. Then we’ll journey to the final resting places of the patriarchs in the CAVE OF MACHPELAH IN HEBRON (pending security situation). Then we travel to visit Herod the Great’s amazing HERODIUM, which overlooks BETHLEHEM, the city where the true King of Israel was born. We return to the hotel for dinner and overnight.

Friday, November 8, 2024


After breakfast we’ll enjoy some free time in Jerusalem to savor the sounds, sights, and shopping. Afterwards, those not continuing to Egypt will transfer to the Allenby Bridge border crossing back to Jordan to dinner and a chance to freshen up at the hotel.

Saturday, November 9, 2024

Homeward Bound

We will transfer to the airport for our return flight home with memories to last a lifetime!


Friday, November 8, 2024

Cairo, Luxor

We transfer to the airport for our flight to CAIRO. We then have a short flight to LUXOR, where we will be assisted through customs, introduced to our guide and driver, and travel to our hotel near the NILE RIVER for a delicious dinner and a well-deserved rest.

Saturday, November 9, 2024

Luxor—Valley of the Kings, Hatshepsut Temple, Luxor Temple, Flight to Cairo

We’ll get an early start at the VALLEY OF THE KINGS, the burial place of many pharaohs, including those before and after the Exodus. We’ll visit the amazing  MORTUARY TEMPLE OF HATSHEPSUT, the daughter of pharaoh who found Moses in the Nile. Then, we’ll visit the amazing KARNAK TEMPLE and discover why Egypt always wanted to control the land of Israel. Tonight, we’ll board a short flight back to CAIRO, where we’ll overnight at our beautiful hotel by the Nile River.

Sunday, November 10, 2024

Cairo — Pyramids of Giza, Sphinx, Egyptian Museum, Cairo Bazaar

Our morning begins exploring the only one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World still standing, the PYRAMIDS OF GIZA. We’ll also visit the SPHINX and the EGYPTIAN MUSEUM, including the ROYAL MUMMIES HALL where we’ll look into the faces of mummies who saw Moses! After some time to shop in CAIRO'S BAZAAR and a short stop at ST. SERGIUS, we’ll return to our hotel for dinner and overnight. 


Monday, November 11, 2024

Depart for Home

After breakfast, we depart Egypt for our flight home.

The all-inclusive cost of $6,697 includes round-trip airfare, deluxe motor coaches, first class hotels, guided sightseeing, entrance fees to sites visited, breakfast & dinner daily, all tips and taxes. You'll only need to cover lunch each day.

The Egypt extension adds $3072 per person.

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity!


About Your Tour Guide

Dr. Wayne Stiles has served in fulltime Christian ministry for more than 30 years, effectively using writing, teaching, music, video, and leadership as the means of creatively communicating the life-changing truths of God’s Word.

A veteran traveler to Israel, he has taught and written extensively on the devotional benefits of the Holy Land on his popular blog, in his books, as well as in dozens of articles for the Jerusalem Post. Wayne earned his master’s and doctoral degrees from Dallas Theological Seminary, where he teaches as an adjunct professor. He also served in the pastorate for 14 years in the church he helped to plant, and he served as an Executive Vice President at Insight for Living Ministries for 12 years.

Wayne and Cathy have helped lead many tours to numerous biblical sites in Israel, Jordan, Greece, Turkey, and Italy. They have been married 32 years and have two grown daughters.

Wayne’s passion is to help connect the Bible and its lands to life, showing the practical application of God’s Word in lives that display God’s grace.

What Others Are Saying

Dr. Reg Grant 

"Wayne Stiles combines a passion for the land of Israel with a depth of biblical knowledge that inspires and informs. I have had the privilege of traveling to Israel on several occasions with Wayne, and I can tell you firsthand—what you will experience is much more than a casual "fly-over" view of the holy land. You won't simply learn ABOUT the land—you will EXPERIENCE the land, its history, and its people. If you long for more than head knowledge—if you want heart knowledge that will challenge you to follow in the footsteps of our Lord, then let Dr. Stiles guide you on this tour of a lifetime."

Wayne and Debbie Moore, La Porte, Indiana

"Experiencing the land of the Bible was a great blessing. But traveling with Wayne and Cathy Stiles was the icing on the cake. Wayne provided outstanding devotionals and connected the places, events, and history with the Scriptures, showing their relevance for our lives."

David & Cheryl Ratcliff, Bulverde, Texas

"We were privileged to have had Dr. Wayne Stiles as our teacher during our Israel tour. Wayne’s insight and teaching about many of the sites was invaluable. He shared the scripture that was relevant for each site and “tied” it all together. Our local guide provided a lot of history and current events but Wayne made the Scripture come alive as we sat and walked where Jesus walked and preached. It all seamed so real and relevant. We would urge everyone to go to Israel and we could not recommend anyone any more highly than Wayne Stiles to lead you through the Promised Land."

Bonnie Campbell

"What privilege to travel with Cathy and Wayne Stiles through Israel! At every site Wayne used scripture to bring history to life in a clear, yet profound way. I hope one day to return with them."

June Gong Chin 

"Wayne added a dimension and depth of knowledge and Cathy exuded warm compassion, for which I am grateful! Wayne and Cathy were a valuable enhancement to my Holy Land experience."

Marvel Haynes  

"Wayne made the trip to Israel so much more meaningful and brought the bible alive with the devotionals he gave. I certainly recommend him as a Bible teacher for a trip to Israel."

Peggy Allen, Weems, Virginia  

"On my fourth tour of Israel, it was a blessing to be on the bus with Wayne and Cathy Stiles. Each day was exciting! Walking (or climbing) to the places Jesus walked, and hearing Wayne's teaching and reading relative scriptures was emotionally exhilarating. Wayne knows the land! It was not a vacation, but a trip that renewed me like nothing else . . . and left me with a hunger for more. I plan to go back again, and hope that Wayne and Cathy will be my bus leaders. Thanks, Wayne and Cathy!"

Bill and Bev Hanna, Oxford, Connecticut 

"As first-time visitors to the Holy Land, we truly appreciated Wayne’s teaching style that connected the historical and biblical references at each of the significant locations. His insights into Scripture gave us ‘food for thought’ and brought the Bible to life. It was an unforgettable journey! We are grateful to have shared it with Wayne and Cathy."

Jim and Lillian Moneyhun, Greenwood, South Carolina  

"Our favorite moments included looking across the Jezreel Valley to Nazareth and Nain and Mt Tabor. I marvel at Wayne’s insight and knowledge. Talk about a man who can lift details off the pages of Scripture while standing on the sites! And Cathy was such a shepherd, caring for us with such love and grace. What a dynamic duo! We had often heard that a trip to Israel was life-changing. On our tour to the Holy Land, and through Wayne's solid, practical devotionals, the Scriptures became alive and real—right before my eyes. Life-changing indeed!"

Nan McCullough

"Wayne and Cathy are a delightful, caring couple who made my trip to Israel both enjoyable and memorable. His communication style is relaxed, and it's easy to grasp the power of the biblical moments at each site."

Gail Livermore

"My trip to Israel has endless memories, thanks to Wayne and Cathy. Wayne read from the Bible about each site and then added his own words about the events that took place there. Cathy was so good about answering endless questions and making sure everyone was doing okay."

Don and Margaret Lacefield, Plano, Texas

"Our trip to Israel was a life-changing experience! Wayne’s teaching was clear, concise, and applicable. He helped us build the bridge between the Scriptures and the location we were visiting."

Linda Jones

"Wayne's teachings on our tour of the Holy Land were a highlight. Each devotional was rooted in the biblical history of the site we were visiting and as Wayne shared from a Scripture passage related to the site, history came alive. Even though the biblical stories were usually very familiar to me, Wayne almost always brought out fresh perspectives that blessed and challenged me spiritually."

Jerry and Vera Greene, Columbus, Ohio  

"We had the great pleasure of going to Israel with a group from across the US and several countries. One of the most informative and enjoyable parts of the trip was the Bible teaching offered by Wayne Stiles at our tour stops. Wayne's impressive knowledge of the geography of Israel, in addition to his obvious love and understanding of the Old and New Testament stories associated with our stops, really brought the Bible to life. His warm and gentle spirit enhanced our journey."

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Images courtesy of the Pictorial Library of Bible Lands