Refer a Friend to Walking the Bible Lands

Invite someone to join and receive a free month's membership when they do!

Get Your Unique Link to Share

Invite someone to join Walking the Bible Lands with your unique link, and you'll earn a free month's membership to your account after the new member's first full month. There's no limit on how often you can invite others or how many free months you can earn. Questions? See the FAQs below or contact us.


Can anyone use Refer a Friend to refer users?

To access the Refer a Friend feature and share the referral link, a user must have an active or trial subscription to receive referral rewards.

How does my referral link work?

Your referral link is unique to you. If your friend or family member signs up within 30 days, the referral will be successfully connected to your account.

When are the 30 free days added to my account?

The reward is added to your account after the first paid invoice by the new member you referred. 

If I refer someone who joins as an annual member, do I get a free year?

Nope. The 30 days is added regardless of which subscription the referred user signs up on. If you refer someone who joins the annual plan, you'll still have 30 free days added to your subscription.

Do referral links work in mobile apps?

No. Referral links only work when the friend or family member signs up via the web. It will not work for mobile or TV apps.